Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Tips for Dog Preventing Counter Surfing

Use treats to reinforce staying on floor instead of counters to define desired areas through positive reinforcement.

Reward Floor

Block physical access paths to kitchen when unattended using baby gates or furniture to remove opportunities.

Kitchen Barriers

Cover counter edges with foil or double sided tape creating unpleasant textures to discourage landing attempts.  

Aluminum Foil 

Place motion detector devices triggering sounds, air spray deterrents, or other alarms when counters are accessed.  


 Avoid laughing or engaging with counter surfing antics avoiding inadvertently rewarding the naughty behavior.   

Ignore Attempts 

 Keep counters cleared of appetizing smells and leftovers removing rewards tempting food motivated pups. 

Clear Surfaces 

Teach strong impulse control behaviors like "leave it" and "off" using praise or treats to break the habit.  

Obedience Training   

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