Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Tips for Dog Scent Enrichment

Wind trails of tiny tasty treats through rooms or outdoor paths at nose level for dogs to sniff out by following the cookie crumb path.

Hide Treat Trails

Increase puzzle challenge by tightly packing hollow paper towel tubes with hot dogs for determined dogs to root out. 

Stuff Cardboard Tubes

Punch holes in boxes, place enticing food inside, then watch dogs paw, nose, or shake the containers seeking hidden bounty.  

Try Scented Containers 

Rub or store favored treats in puzzle toys overnight then give pups a whiff to motivate play directed toward earning the real goodies.

Test Smelly Puzzles   

After infusing plush toys with concentrated extracts like vanilla, hide them around yards for nose-driven hunting entertainment.   

Toss Smelly Toys

With dogs confined, place treats under plastic cups shuffled around on floors to locate after sniffing out which dome hides the reward. 

Play Find the Treat 

Include a few drops of dog-safe essential oils when stuffing chew toys or mixing homemade play dough adding interest through soothing scents.  

Add Essential Oils

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