Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Tips to Prevent Cat Hairballs

Daily brushing with a quality cat brush removes dead hair helping prevent buildup. Targeted brushing when shedding also reduces ingested fur.

Regular Brushing  

Feed your cat wet food instead of dry whenever possible. Canned food has moisture that aids digestion and hair movement through the digestive tract.  

Moist Food 

Select cat foods formulated with nutrients that lubricate digestion, assisting hair passage. Omega oils, vitamin E and increased fiber promote intestinal mobility.

Hairball Diet  

Give cats approved high fiber treats like Greenies Hairball Control to supplement foods. Added functional fibers safely move hair through.

Treat Supplements 

Promote post-meal activity with interactive cat toys. The movement aids digestion and hair propulsion rather than accumulation into uncomfortable wads.


Keep cat-safe hairball gels or pastes on hand for use as-needed. These lubricants assist hair passage or vomiting up stuck accumulations.

Hairball Remedies  

If concerning symptoms show like appetite loss, lethargy or straining to pass hairballs without success, seek veterinary attention. 

Veterinary Care  

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