Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Wirehaired Dog Breeds You'll Love as a Pet

This sporting gun dog has a wiry, dense coat that's water-resistant and perfect for hunting in cold, wet conditions. 


The famous "wiener dog" also comes in a wirehaired variety with a dense, rough coat protecting it from the elements.


This Hungarian pointing breed has a rust-red, wiry coat that helps protect it while hunting in the field.


Several terrier breeds have wiry coats, including the energetic Lakeland Terrier originally from England.


These elegant dogs have distinctive beards and dense, wirehaired coats originally for protecting them outdoors.


Wirehaired Poodles have the Poodle's signature curly coat in a scruffier, dense wirehaired texture.


The energetic Border Terrier has a short yet rough, wiry coat suited for life outdoors hunting vermin.


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