Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Zodiac Power Couples

Free-wheeling air signs Aquarius and Gemini incite each other’s creativity through equality, independence and deep friendship.

Aquarius & Gemini

Leo and Sagittarius admire each other’s confidence and sense of adventure, fueling a mutually thrilling ride unhampered by jealousy.

Leo & Sagittarius  

Libra and Aquarius champion progressive ideals together while allowing each other ample personal freedom to thrive as equals.

Libra & Aquarius

Neither Aries nor Gemini will be pinned down! These free spirits maintain equality through flexibility and respect for autonomy.  

Aries & Gemini 

Goal-oriented homebodies Virgo and Capricorn build an equitable partnership founded on trust, shared values and emotional security.

Virgo & Capricorn 

Both Taurus and Cancer prize emotional intimacy. They nurture an unshakable bond of devotion, mutual caretaking and loyalty.  

Taurus & Cancer

Mystical water signs Scorpio and Pisces intuitively comprehend each other’s complexity at the deepest levels to form an inseparable bond.

Scorpio & Pisces

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