Written By: Mobin

Top Dog Breeds Succeeding at Canine Sports Events

Collie workers with stamina suit intense training for sports. Their legend status in competitions like agility remains unmatched. 


Eager to please and higly trainable, the Belgian Mal can master complex courses and rules of dog sports with incredible speed and accuracy.

Belgian Malinois

Naturally athletic Aussies love playing fetch and have an affinity for frisbee catching, excelling at disc dog competitions.  

Australian Shepherd

Small in stature but not drive, Jack Russells barrier break by succeeding at sports like barn hunts and earthdog trials.  

Jack Russell Terrier

Bred to lure ducks by running and jumping, Tollers are natural dock divers and excel at the vertical height events.

Nova Scotia Retriever  

Born to run, Huskies dominate sprint races and longer distance mushing sports like skijoring and sled dog racing.  

Siberian Husky

The eager to please Lab's soft mouth and retrieving instincts lend well to succeed at field trials and hunt tests.

Labrador Retriever  

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