Written By: Mobin

Zodiac Signs Hesitant to Ask for More

Sensitive Cancers may hesitate to ask for more from a partner, fearing demands could rock the boat or cause conflict in the relationship.


Practical Virgos analyze situations thoroughly first and hesitate to ask for more until timing feels right, not wanting to seem too needy.  


Capricorns are very self-sufficient and therefore hesitate to seem demanding by asking their partner for increased attention. 


Aquarians need their space and freedom. They shy away from asking partners for more affection out of fear of losing autonomy.  


Though passionate, Scorpios won't be vulnerable by asking for more until trust deepens, avoiding potential rejection or betrayal.  


Stubborn Taureans take relationships slowly, moving at their own pace. Won't directly ask for increased commitment quickly.


Idealistic Pisces fantasize about dream romance. Hesitate asking for mundane relationship growth, preserving magical thinking.


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