Written By: Mobin

Zodiac Signs With the Best Sense of Humor

Playful Geminis always make others laugh by delivering clever one-liners spontaneously, imitating people, pulling pranks, and thriving on mind games.


Drama loving Leos radiate humor and positivity by telling colorful stories, dishing gossip styled with theatrical flair, sassy quips, & loud laughter.


Charming Libras use strategic humor gently to diffuse tension, confrontation avoidance, and bringing adversaries closer through inside jokes.  


Adventurous Sagittarians have an infectious, boisterous laugh and sense of mischief, playing the fool with exaggerated jokes told quite well


Quirky Aquarians wink at conventions with avantgarde perspectives shared subtly, inviting others to more creative planes of thought with fun.


Bold Aries rules improv comedy, directing others in outlandish setups and punchlines by thinking completely outside boxes for shock humor.


Witty Virgos slyly interject sarcasm and double entendres said in deadpan style when least expected to catch polite company off guard chuckling.


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