Written By: Mobin

Zodiacs With Classic Middle Child Traits

Taureans often feel stuck in the middle between more attention-grabbing siblings. Their steady nature makes them excellent mediators.


Geminis' adaptability lets them morph into whatever role a situation calls for. Their desire to be noticed can stem from feeling overlooked.


Libras crave harmony. Being in the middle allows them to see both sides and negotiate compromises between siblings. 


Independent Sagittarians forge their own path. But deep down, they want to be included and may act out to get attention.


Aquarians think differently than their siblings. They'll rebel to assert their uniqueness if they feel marginalized.


Leos need to shine. If older or younger siblings overshadow them, these attention-seeking lions will find ways to steal the spotlight.  


Intense Scorpios feel everything deeply. Overlooked emotions can spur dramatic attempts to be noticed and validated.


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