Written By: Mobin

Ragdoll Cat Breed Profile Characteristics & Care

Extremely affectionate, relaxed Ragdolls love being held and carried around. They make wonderful therapy cats.  


Ragdolls have a large, muscular build with semi-longhair coats in colorpoint patterns like Siamese cats.


Properly cared for Ragdolls live 10-15+ years. Some inherited diseases exist in certain bloodlines.


While energetic as kittens, adult Ragdolls are laidback. They need lots of toys for indoor play and enjoy leash walks outside.  

Exercise Needs

Ragdolls cat  require daily brushing to prevent mats and tangles. The Most adore being groomed.They need lots of toys

Grooming Tips

Peace-loving Ragdolls thrive in calm households with gentle kids and seniors who will pamper them with affection.  

Ideal Home  

Bred in California starting in the 1960s, Ragdoll lore claims the founding cat went limp after being hit by a car.  


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