Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Cat Breeds With the Highest IQs

These active, curious "Aby" cats love to learn, play fetch, explore, and can even be walk trained on a leash.


The "talkative" Siamese is legendary for its social, vocal nature and desire to play, learn tricks, and be with people.


Energetic Bengals have dog-like personalities - they can learn intricate tricks, play fetch endlessly, and some even love water.


Sweet Burmese are extremely people-oriented and pick up on verbal and non-verbal cues readily to satisfy their favorite humans.


Affectionate Tonkinese are chatty, dexterous cats adept at opening doors and cupboards - and manipulating their doting owners.  


Japanese Bobtails are active, agile cats that happily learn tricks, play fetch, turn doorknobs, and invent dog-like games.

Japanese Bobtail

Gentle Maine Coon cats often mimic owner behaviors like playing fetch, doing tricks, leash walking - and some even enjoy hiking outdoors.

Maine Coon

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