Written By: Mobin

Tips for Caring for Dogs in Winter

Limit outdoor bathroom and play sessions for short-haired breeds while providing insulated jackets and booties to retain body heat in snow.  

Monitor Time Outside

Protect sensitive paw pads from painful ice melts, salt, and boot-tearing ice balls forming between the toes with conditioning balms and footwear.  

Prep Paws  

Watch for limping, changes in appetite, stiffness and boredom indicating arthritis plus illness vulnerabilities from viruses spread more easily in winter air. 

Know the Risks

Give outdoor dogs cozy, raised houses with door flaps to burrow into out of the wind, off cold ground, complete with fresh bedding for insulation. 

Ensure Shelter  

Check frequently that water isn’t freezing since proper hydration becomes more challenging in frigid temperatures despite exercise still needing moisture. 

Maintain Hydration 

Help double-coated breeds manage shedding by gently brushing out thickening undercoat so it doesn’t mat near skin underneath creating discomfort.

Brush Often 

Select routes free of icy patches forcing slips plus stick to shoveled neighborhood blocks to prevent dangerous snow and salt buildup between paw pads.

Adjust Walks  

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