Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Big Dog Breeds For Active Families 

Friendly, loving Goldens and Labs are perfect family dogs thanks to their playful personality and patience with children.  

Golden Retrievers

Gentle yet energetic Rough and Smooth Collies thrive as active family dogs who love kids and have protective instincts.


Huge yet gentle Great Danes are affectionate companions who think they’re lapdogs despite their gigantic size.  

Great Dane

Patient and sweet-tempered Newfoundlands are “nanny dogs” famed for their kindness with all family members.


Affectionate Bernese Mountain Dogs love being active outdoors and curling up inside with their adored people.  

Bernese Mountain Dog

Smart Standard Poodles are both playful athletes and composed indoor snugglers with their close-knit families.   


This striking sled dog breed bonds deeply with all “pack” members while thriving on outdoor adventures.   


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