Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Cat Breeds Compatible with Dogs

As adaptable, family-oriented cats, Maine Coons typically accept canine housemates with grace, learning to peacefully play or keeps separate schedules. 

Maine Coon

Docile, gentle Ragdolls tend to accept dogs in their home, even learning to playfully chase or cuddle with extremely tolerant canine companions.


Though preferring to instigate play on their own terms, laid-back Persians generally tolerate calm dogs wandering through their lounging spots.  


 Sweet-natured Birmans thrive in multi-pet homes by politely sharing space with other species including relaxed dogs open to cat friends.


With their love of high perches, bold Manx watch dog activity from above while accepting calm, well-mannered pooches wandering below.   


Charming Burmese thrive on interaction including gentle play with laid-back big dog breeds willing to serve as jungle gyms.  


Though self-directed, American Shorthairs pleasantly coexist with mannerly dogs, either ignoring them aloofly or learning to play gently together.

American Shorthair 

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