Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Cat Breeds for Calm and Relaxed Homes

 Affectionate, gentle Ragdolls happily relax for daytime naps and catnaps when they’re not playing or snuggling.


Sweet-tempered Birmans form devoted bonds with their families, content to quietly follow them around the home.   


Regal yet gentle Persians thrive on affection and being near their loved ones, relaxing for hours in favored sunny spots.


Though playful at times, British Shorthairs also appreciate regular routines with restful breaks and downtime.

British Shorthair

Loyal and laid-back Norwegian Forest cats thrive in calm settings with their families. Allow these breeds to thrive in mellow, peaceful family homes.

Norwegian Forest cat

Gentle giants Maine Coon cats become loving, trustworthy companions, relaxed until playtime calls.  

Maine Coon

Sweet-natured Exotic Shorthairs make wonderfully devoted yet undemanding companions. Their friendly yet easygoing personalities.

Exotic Shorthair

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