Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Cats with Gorgeous Silver Coats

With a sleek short double coat in an iconic shimmering silver hue, the Russian Blue is the quintessential silver cat breed.  

Russian Blue

Some British Shorthairs sport a bold black silver tabby pattern, resembling little Silver Classic Tabbies come to life.  

British Shorthair  

Though known for a rainbow of coat colors, some Orientals shine in metallic silver tones complementing their elegant build.   

Oriental Shorthairs

While Seal Points are most iconic, some Siamese cats dazzle with beautiful frosty blue eyes against a pristine Snowshoe or silver-blue striped points.  


In certain pedigreed lines, the working farm cat American Shorthair appears in a lovely silver tabby pattern.

American Shorthair  

Gently giants, Maine Coon cats may exhibit a lustrous silver coat with tabby stripes or smoke pattern.

Maine Coon

Some Norwegian Forest Cats sport a striking silver-white coat resembling the winter woods this cold weather breed calls home.  

Norwegian Forest

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