Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Dog Breeds Boasting Unique Tail Wagging

As joy emerges you can’t miss a Puli’s happy grin because they spiral and whip their long, corded mop-like tail in sweeping circles showing thrill.  


When at attention a Shiba Inu often stands holding their thick fur tail proudly sickled over the back in a dramatic perfect curl signaling rapt engagement.  

Shiba Inu  

Dalmatian’s slender tail maintains a rapid back and forth movement that visually resembles an overworked windshield wiper on high conveying their zeal. 


Similar to flag waving a Brittany’s limber, wider based tailored constantly waves merrily in wide sweeps that radiate the optimism housed in this uplifting breed.   


Greyhound expresses joy through curved sickle tail action where they lower and lift while tucking under reminiscent of a pump handle in motion matching.


Malamutes display their thick fur banner-like tail proudly wafting back and forth announcing they’re ready for adventure with resonant deep woo woo wails. 

Alaskan Malamute  

Basenji excitement tightens their tail curl bringing the tip nearly to their back as their signature yodel vocalization alerts all to their glee.


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