Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Dog Breeds with Irresistible Eyes

Intelligent, comical Beagles charm owners with big brown or hazel eyes overflowing with equal parts mischief and heartwarming devotion


Always wearing their hearts and souls openly upon black velvet masked faces, pensive Pugs gaze up adoringly with large dark eyes.  


Ultra attached Cavalier King Charles Spaniels serenade dedicated owners with loyal loving stares from wide set, limpid eyes.

Cavalier King Charles

Shaggy bangs falling into eyes daily, good natured Old English Sheepdogs express volumes with a single glimpsed twinkling eye.  

Old English Sheepdo

Stunning Siberian Huskies entice admiration through wise yet energetic ice blue eyes sparkling fever brightly with every new adventure.

Siberian Husky  

Famously dapper in black and white tuxedo coats, polite Boston Terriers’ dark peepers poetically reflect old souls.  

Boston Terrier

Clever English Cocker Spaniels convince indulgent owners to play awhile longer with warm brown eyes peeking through silky ears.

English Cocker Spaniel 

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