Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Fun Cat Playtime Ideas

Fill activity trees and tunnels with balls, hide stuffed mice inside paper bags and boxes, and set out towers with openings for solo batting practice.

Solo Toys

Have daily play sessions pulling wand toys, opening and closing cardboard play cubes yourself and operating remote controlled faux mice to mentally. 

Interactive Toys 

 Increase feline enrichment by making your cat work for kibble placed into puzzle feeders, activity balls with openings.

Food Puzzles

Randomly sprinkle pinch sized catnip piles around safe areas of your home for your cat to independently discover.

Catnip Sparks  

Send toy mice through looping floor tracks with peep holes for your cat to chase, swat and triumphantly capture items reappearing around bends.

Track Toys

Set out cushy tunnels leading to modest cat-safe jumps or weave poles to traverse for a stimulating indoor mini agility course to run.

Agility Course  

Have family members take turns hiding then calling kitty to find them for great mental stimulation, bonding.

 Hide And Seek  

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