Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Tips for Cat Weight Control

Consult your vet to calculate caloric needs for weight reduction. Feed measured meals of veterinary weight management cat food to safely meet goals.

Measure Calories

Schedule regular interactive playtimes using fishing pole style toys to increase activity and burn calories. 

Play Sessions

Slow gobbling and make your cat work for kibble using puzzle feeders and activity balls. These fun food dispensers promote mindful noshing and extended light exercise.

Puzzle Feeders 

Eliminate free choice feeding bowls after timed meals. This discontinues grazing behavior which contributes excess.

Remove Bowls

 Replace some dry food with canned meals higher in protein and moisture but lower in carbohydrates. The water content provides faster satiation.

Wet Food  

Offer brushing, treats and praise at veterinary weight checks. Regular monitoring ensures diet tweaks keep your cat losing properly without deprivation.

Reward Weigh-Ins

Hang an enticing feather wand or laser light toy reward coming soon when diet goals are met! Visualizing fun ahead keeps your cat eager during the journey.

Weight Loss 

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