Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Solutions for Cat Scratching Problems

Provide appealing corrugated cardboard or woven sisal rope vertical and horizontal scratchers for appropriate claw exercise.

Cat Scratchers

Clip cat nails every 2 weeks using pet-safe clippers to gently blunt claw tips. Focus trims narrowly on sharp points to retain scratching utility while reducing damage.  

Nail Trimming 

Apply special double-sided sticky tape onto furniture you want to protect from damaging cat scratches. Cats dislike sticking.

Double-Sided Tape 

Issue a loud firm “No!” when catching kitty scratch furniture. Restrict access if needed while redirecting to appropriate vertical.

Verbal Correction  

Use harmless citrus or menthol spritzes designed to repel pet scratching. Reapply daily until cats avoid treated areas since scratching overrides fading scents.  

Deterrent Sprays

Reduce environmental stress triggering destructive scratching with Feliway or Comfortzone calming cat pheromone plugins. 

Pheromone Plugins

Prevent access to irresistible furniture using barriers like furniture covers, placing strainers upside down on couch arms.

Physical Barriers  

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