Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Tips for Cat Dental Care

Gently brush kitty’s outer tooth surfaces weekly using a finger brush and pet-safe enzyme paste. This removes tartar buildup before it causes feline gingivitis.

Brush Teeth

Check for red gums, bad breath, loose teeth, face swelling or oral pain at least weekly. Report concerns promptly as these are signs of pending dental disease. 

Oral Exams  

Offer irresistible dental treats like GREENIESTM Cat Dental Treats to supplement brushing. Their unique texture safely scrubs away plaque. 

Dental Treats

Feed only reputable cat foods promoting dental health through kibble sizes, shapes and textures that scrub teeth during chewing to decrease plaque adhesion.

Quality Food  

Include wet cat food in your cat's diet instead solely feeding dry food. The increased canned food moisture keeps plaque softer.

Canned Food 

Arrange professional veterinary dental cleanings for your cat every 12-18 months as advised for their individual oral health. 

Schedule Vet Cleanings  

Always treat gum disease, painful teeth, oral masses and abscesses discovered through self-exams or cleanings. 

Disease Promptly

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