Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Tips for Cat Managing Multi-cat Household

Reward resident cats with praise and treats for tolerance of newcomer's smells and presence to build positive associations.  

Positive Associations

Set up duplicate, plentiful resources like food, water, beds, litter boxes, toys and perches to reduce competition. 

Shared Resources 

Ensure resident cats still receive alone time with favored humans, toys, and premium napping spots to prevent jealousy.  

Solo Time

Use distraction, separation, and pheromone diffusers to swiftly mediate tense situations before they escalate to fights.

Conflict Mediation

Introduce multi-level cat trees and shelves offering cats choice sitting heights to avoid sharing close quarters.  

Vertical Spaces

 Pinpoint any resident bully cats limiting new cat integration so their access can be better managed.  

 Identify Bullies  

Grant cats ample individual adjustment time to new family members. Most will adapt within a few weeks to months.

Be Patient

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