Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Tips for Dog Interactive Water Play

Fill toddler pools and splash pads for pups to step, dig, and splash making waves. Add floating toys to extend play.

Splash Pools

Run lawn sprinklers on low for curious pups to safely dash through, bite water streams. Use misting modes to reduce waste.


Gently spray plain water hoses set to mist creating fun chase games. Monitor to avoid overexciting some breeds. 

Water Hoses 

Freeze Toys broth, peanut butter, or treats into ice chunks or blocks for refreshing chewing enrichment.

Frozen Toys

Activate Water Fountains pet-safe fountain attachments and bubble makers on hose ends adding sensory dimensions.

Water Fountains

Prop Kiddie slides strategically to create flowing waterfall rinses dogs can race through all summer long.   

Kiddie Slides

Visit dog friendly lake, river, and ocean beaches on hot days for endless wet fun under supervision.  

Beach Trips

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