Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Tips for Dog Recognizing Signs of Illness

Take note if a previously eager eater loses interest in food, skips meals, or shows altered chewing/swallowing indicating nausea.

Appetite Loss

Observe decreases in once active dogs' normal playfulness, exercise tolerance, greeting behaviors, or sleeping patterns changes.


House soiling, straining, increased/decreased urgency, bloody stools/urine could reflect multiple illnesses.   

Elimination Changes

Monitor weight loss or gain patterns over multiple days that deviate from norm without diet changes.

Weight Issues

Swelling, limping, enlarged body parts, patchy hair loss, or lumps warrant vet inspection to diagnose cause.  

Physical Changes

 Note prolonged coughing or sneezing bouts over 48 hours indicative of potential respiratory issues.


Unprovoked aggression, accidents, neediness, or withdrawal are red flags something feels wrong to dogs.   

Behavior Shifts

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